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Juniper and Lime is upfront with Pepperberry, Cardamom and Cassia prominent in the middle. The long palate finishes with a subtle hint of anise. Our flagship gin has won numerous international awards. Garnish with lime or kaffir lime leaf.

Made using a cold drip method to produce a sweet coffee that does not need too much added sugar. Think of drinking a short black with alcohol added. Makes a beautiful espresso martini and an incredible affogato dessert.

Gondwanaland Gin contains botanicals from continents that previously comprised the ancient super-continent. The nose is beautifully fragrant and reminiscent of walking through a garden in late spring. Drink as a liqueur or on ice.

Our Limoncello is made from organic, locally grown lemons. They are zested and soaked in alcohol on the day that they are harvested. We only use the minimum amount of sugar to balance the bitterness.

A robust navy strength gin which is perfect for making cocktails where the gin flavours should still shine through. It features orange, Tasmanian pepperberry, cardamom and wattleseed. Makes a beautiful G & T.

Our whisky is matured for a minimum of three years, mainly in French Oak Casks which have held Australian Tawny for the last 50-70 years. Currently in very short supply but we will have consistent supply from 2025. Next release early 2023.

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The Sandy Gray Summer Gin is the perfect cooler for a hot summer afternoon. Created in the London Dry style it features Juniper and Orange along with Elderflower and Wattleseed. Garnish with a slice of orange.

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More of a liqueur than a gin. Tastes like Christmas pudding and pairs beautifully with Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. It drinks well neat, with soda or as a hot toddy. We’ve also put it in custard and used it as a sauce on plum pudding.