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Our first expressions will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Sandy Gray Whisky Company
Hand Crafted in Northern Tasmania

The Sandy Gray Whisky Company was founded by Neil Gray and Bob Connor in 2016 with the express purpose of hand-crafting a low-volume, exceptional whisky that would hold up to the worlds best. Only the purest water in the world, the finest Tasmanian barley and superior yeast strains are used to manufacture this fine product. The first maturations will be bottled and available for sale in 2019.

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What is cold chill filtering?
The process of chill filtering removes some proteins, esters and fatty acids prior to bottling. The reason for doing this is purely cosmetic as whisky below 46% ABV will go cloudy if the temperature drops or if ice is added.
These substances occur naturally during distillation and some come from the barrels during maturation. When it is cool they clump together causing cloudiness or sediment to appear in the bottom of the bottle. Warm the bottle and they disappear.

We don't chill filter our whisky as we feel it removes some of the flavour and aromas, and definitely changes the mouth feel of the whisky. And there's something much more organic and natural about it. That's why our whisky is bottled at 46% ABV and non-chill filtered.